Sunday, May 10, 2009

I <3 My Mommy

So it's Mother's Day, and of course, I can't let the day pass without paying homage to my wonderful mother (known throughout the blogging world as the Little Grumpy Angel).

(Picture taken by me with her fancy camera at the dog park)

I admire my mother for her extraordinary intelligence. My passion for reading can be directly attributed to her; I believe she gave me my first copy of Jane Eyre. She loves classic poetry and literature, especially Dickens, and moving to more modern works, Steinbeck. She's written her own poetry, and also has a talent for drawing and photography. And despite her affinity for the "artistic" world, she works all day with numbers and statistics, proving that she has a very logical side as well.

She is extremely creative, and some of my favorite childhood memories come from her fun activities for my brother and I. We bleached leaves so they were just see-through skeletons, she made a Humpty Dumpty doll out of a drained egg and paper, we made a tiny snowman while living in Reno and kept him in our freezer, and had many other mini-adventures with my mom.

When AJ and I were little, we liked to go to our parents' bedroom in the morning and hop in bed with them to cuddle. It was always a fight to get to be the one who cuddles with Mommy (but even then I was naturally very "feelings-conscious" and usually went straight for the middle, so that my dad wouldn't feel forgotten; my brother was much less aware).

I often tease my mom, saying that she's unfair because she gave all the GOOD genes to AJ (ie golden tan, perfectly straight teeth). But I'd like to think that I actually inherited a lot from her, such as my love for writing (I like to think I have a knack for it). Whether that was somehow genetically passed on, or is simply a result of her nurturing, I don't know, but either way, I'd say she has played a significant part in forming my interests and talents.

My mother, who speaks, reads, and writes English far better than most American-educated citizens, still has some quirky Filipino habits that make my family laugh. When speaking of people, she almost always reverses the gender (ex: speaking of "Johnny" and constantly referring to him as "her"), and still occasionally mispronouncing her share of words.

We have butted heads in the past because of her extremely logical nature versus my extremely emotional one. (When happy with me, my parents simply call me "tender-hearted"- when not so happy, the phrase of choice is "melodramatic".) Sometimes this has caused me to say that my mother lacks sympathy, that the way she expects me to "just deal with it" is cold. But I know this isn't true. My mom has a very kind heart that loves very deeply, but she has learned after surviving many very trying experiences in her life that the best way to deal with pain is to be strong, and not wallow in it. I hope to someday be as strong as her.

I love my mom. I love going out to sushi with her, I love watching our primetime soaps together, I love it when she sings (admittedly off-key) with Top-40 hits (shh- don't tell her, my brother and I make a point of trying to get her to STOP!), and so many more things that I didn't put in this blog.

I couldn't have asked for a better mommy :]
And I'm very grateful for her today, Mother's Day, and every other day of the year.

(Even if I don't always show it.)


Alan said...

This is a very nice tribute Tara. You truly are becoming a young woman. BTW, I like you mommy too.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Thank you for this sweet post, baby girl. You know how you tell me the only time you remember seeing your mommy cry is when she got a really bad haircut? Well, today you saw me cry again, but for a very good reason. I will always be grateful you were sent to me. You brought us joy with your birth and continue to do so in countless ways. I love you.

LisAway said...

I hope it's okay for me to comment here. Thanks so much for a little more insight into your mom. I have loved reading what she's written about YOU and it's great to see what you think of her. She is a great blogging friend and even just through this long distance means I agree with so much of what you've written about her.

This was very fun and insightful to read. I agree that you really do have a knack for writing. A great way with words. Thanks for writing this and letting strangers read it. :)

Chandy said...

Tara, I'm one of your Mommy's blog friends.

That is such a beautiful tribute to your mom... I love how you articulated your feelings for her in a sincere manner without the extra load of sap to weigh it down. Yep, I would say you've got your mom's writing talent!

Thank you for letting us get to your Mom better...


Pink Ink said...

Hi, I'm a blogger-friend of your mom's and a fellow Filipina, to boot :-).

How neat to see the special bond you have with your mom. She IS a special lady.

Keep up the good work with your writing!

Chandy said...

Ha ha, I think it's obvious to say that I meant to write, "Thank you for letting us get to know your mom better."

the mama hood said...

Like mother, like daughter...two wonderful women! What a sweet tribute! You are a wonderful writer!!

Lilian said...

Such a "tender hearted" post about your mommy. She is definitely someone I look up to (not in the physical sense of course). She has also done a great job raising one of my favorite nieces!!!

Lisa Loo said...

I heart your Mommy too!

Jo Ann said...

I was very touch with what you wrote about your mother, I work w/your mother and yes, she does work w/numbers all day and she is sharp in what she does for our company! We have to make sure we have chocolate candy for her!

You are very fortunate to have your mother, b/c I lost my mother a year ago and your mother would always come around to cheer me up during the sadness times of my life, before your left last week Friday, I embrace her and wish her “Happy Mother’s Day” and I did not want to let go of her, as though I felt my mother’s presence.

I have learn, that when they are here on this earth, take all the advice from them and cherish them to the fullest! And take to heart that one day you will remember her for the rest of your life.

I totally respect our younger generation who respect and show their mother their love. So, I commend you for such a beautiful gift for your mother.


charrette said...

Beautiful tribute. I loved reading about your mom from your point of view.

--I think you inherited her natural beauty, inside and out, as well as her knack for writing.

Margie said...

I enjoyed reading this beautiful post Tara. What a precious gift to your mom to share your tender and thoughtful feelings.

You do have a wonderful mom and I know how proud she is of you. You are a wonderful writer!! I didn't know your mom was a Steinbeck fan. I understand he spent a lot of his life living in Montery! I also loved hearing about keeping the snowman in the freezer!

Bea said...

Your Mommy is the greatest. Coming to the USA was a challenge, and as you indicate she has had several very challenging experiences but she is a strong person. I love her, and admire her in her reading choices. She claims she is not domestic, but cooks a standing rib roast that I have to consult with her when I venture into the same meat choice. She is awesome. :o)